New Summer Of 2014 Childrens Parents Summer Support Social Group

Hello Parents,

It is nice to say that Spring and Summertime are here, and what better time for children to connect with other children their age and for parents to make connections and find suuport from other parents who can say to you with all honesty, "I completely understand what (will fill in the blanks as we go along) it is that you're saying and how it makes you feel.  

Starting towards the middle to end of June I will be begin running a Support Group for Children (ages 6 to 11) including both boys and girls.  The total of participants will be a group size of no larger then six children.

There will be a total number of 10 sessions throughout the summertime.  Each group session will be approximatly 
1 hour and thirty minutes (1hr & 1/2hr).  Parents are welcome to stay during the group time and have the opportunity to sit back and relax as you get to watch your children learn about their Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors in a positive and supportive environment while I utilze the "Strengths Perspective Approach" meaning I will draw upon each of the childrens strenghs "things they are good at and/or enjoy" while in a fun manner helping them to learn how they can help themselves especially during times of high stress, anxiety and saddness to name a few of our topics.

I would like all of the parents who are signing there children up for this "summertime ~~make a friend~~learn Great Positive Coping Skills~~Learn to feel empowered~~approve apon their Social Skills~~and to learn the they are not alone.  

Main Topics that will be covered include:
1.  Anxiety...What it is and what we can do about it!
2.  Feeling Sad or Mad sometimes...Learn how are thought affect our Feelings which then affect are Behaviors.  This would be called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
3. Sometimes I feel lost and different form other children my age.  Learning about ADHD 
4. Making Friends, Improving our Social Skills while having fun doing it!
5. Learning how to coquire our Fears, usising a step by step easy to follow and learn approach while also having the support and encouragement of the fellow group members.
6. WANTED....(Topic Idea!!! I would love to learn form both the children in the group as well as from their parents if they have a particular group topic in mind that they would like for me to spend time on or if you would like me to go more in-depth about a topice previously covered.

I will soon be posting the dates of the Group Sessions. 

I would like to have the group participants commite to (the best they can) to attending each group session.  This will help to keep the groups cohesivness and maintain the level of support and encouragement the children will be learning to share with the other group members.  

The very first session will intail "A Get to Know each Other a Little Better" which will include myself with all the participating parents. In addition to the children finding support form each other I also wanted the parents to have some opportunities to be able to socialize and talk to maybe ask questions to other parents who could be an extra opportunity for each of the parents to learn new ways of helping their child while decreasing the parents level of stress to to know that you are not alone with the many common concerns and questions who have as a Parent.and to have learned that many of the concerns with other parents.   I wanted each of the parents in the group to get to share a little about themselves. The Wonderful benefits of people meeting together in larger numbers or in groups is that it increases how much we can empathize, share and learn form each other!

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